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Warrington museum was established back in 1848 together with a central library for Warrington town. It was later relocated to its current two story building of grade II in 1858. This is indeed one of the oldest preservations in the history of UK with the building itself being a monument as well. John Dobson is on record for designing this piece of architecture made of simple brick and stone. Art galleries were then introduced in 1877 as well as 1931. This museum is home to a lot of notable valuables including archeology and fine art.


The coming into life of this museum was specifically to preserve the local Warrington natural history in the society. This expanded so that more could be housed in the building including pieces of geology, ethnology, roman Britain, Egyptology, fish, botany, reptiles, glass, civil war and many other collections. You can expect to find a wide range of surprises inside the museum some of them dated centuries down the line. In the collection includes also plenty of paintings that exceeds 1000 in number and hence the title art gallery. In these paintings there is plenty of local community events captures by the local expert painters.

There is plenty for the eyes inside the museum of Warrington. One of the amazing pieces is the dinosaur. Glass made in the local town is also showcased here. There is something for people of all ages. The kids for example enjoy the natural history exhibitions that feature botany, bird, fish and geology galleries. There are many wooden made toys that kids play with. Kids are engaged in activities such as making toys. They can also be given templates on how to make their DIY toys at home.

Facilities at the Warrington Museum

There is a wide range of facilities that support the experience when touring the Warrington museum. Some of these include a restaurant that people can enjoy meals as they see the best of art and history. There is an onsite shop for those who love snacks, ice cream and such stuff. The museum is also designed to be wheelchair friendly for accessibility to all. Baby changing rooms, toilets and nearby parking are other notable facilities.

Opening hours

Warrington museum is open for long hours to allow visitors plenty of time interacting with the history of the town. During the weekdays, it is open starting from 10 am to 4:30 pm. On Saturdays, the closing time is 4 pm sharp while opening time remains constant. Sundays are not tour days as long as the museum is concerned. Once you get there, expect no charges at all. Entry is free of charge. Remember not to carry your pets as they will not be allowed there.

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