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How much does damp proofing cost?

Damp problems are not minor issues as it might be viewed by many. On the contrary, they are capable of brining plenty of side effects to your home. First, they threaten your decorative woodworks and carpets. These can be endangered by the introduction of excessive moisture leading to growth of molds and mildew. That is then followed by funny odors chasing away the comfort. It can go to a second and serious stage of infecting your structural elements. This does not endanger only your valuables but your life as well with the risk of collapse becoming imminent.

To turn things around if your house is infected by damp, you need to act fast. Failure to do so will lead to the situation getting to severe levels resulting into rotting and huge bills for the extra work required to be done. How much money do you have to pay a damp proofing company for treatments? Well, it depends with what kind of treatment you are going for. I got several treatments and how they are charged hereof.

Condensation fee

This is an internally generated problem which makes it a simple one to treat even on your own. You just need to be on the lookout to spot the problem early enough. Then you can act accordingly to treat the condensation problem together with its effects a better functioning ventilation system or a fungi treatment will be fine. That should not consume a lot of dollars. If for example you don’t have windows of wall tiles for your bathroom, you can expect there to be condensation leading to dampness. Well, you got the cure right there with you. Things are however not that simple. You may need expert services for severe cases which might consume more money.

Penetrating damp fee

This is a damp problem that comes with blocked pipes and clogged gutters. Anything that allows water to seep into the walls through to the internal environment is not a friend. You need to keep checking your house for such signs before things get messy. If you act fast, you pay less. If you delay, there might be other effects such as stained finishes, peeling paint, destroyed furniture and the like that translates into expensive bills in the long run.

Rising damp fee

The best way to stop rising damp is to install damp proof course at construction stage. If you leave that step out, then treatment will be to do that at a later stage which is super inconvenient. You will need to drill between stone courses to insert the new layer of damp proof course. That requires a lot of professionalism meaning huge bills. Curing rising damp is the most expensive.

The cost can be negotiated with the damp proofing experts. Each has a different quote depending on the extent of damage caused.

How to tell if your home has damp?