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History of Warrington

Nothing comes out of nothing to be what it is now. Warrington is a town within Cheshire in the United Kingdoms. This town has some interesting histories concerning how it came to being and events that have happened here. The romans founded this town at a place along river Mersey that served as a crossing point. The Saxons later came in and developed settlements around the area. It is on record that Warrington developed asa market place. Tools and textile production was in the time of its founding the main activity of the locals. Urbanization and expansion of the town was boosted by the arrival of the industrial revolution as a coincidence. After dredging of river Mersey making it navigable back in the 18 century, Warrington further joined other towns to be a manufacturing town. It was a center of brewing, textiles, tanning, chemicals, wires etc.

World War II

As other towns in the UK and beyond participated actively in the tough World War II, Warrington was not left behind. It was utilized maximally by the Americans as their base. It served as the Burtonwood RAF base which was the largest airfield serving the US army outside US. Popular celebrities landed on this airfield including Bob Hope and Humphrey Bogart. Even after termination of the World War II, the airfield continued to be used by the USAAF until 1993 when it was closed.

After the war

The aftermath of the World War II necessitate the designation of the town afresh. This was a move dated back in 1968. As a result, the town bulged outwards increasing the town size. What was formerly the Risley site was then developed to become the Birchwood area. The rate of heavy industrialization went down between 1970 and 1980 but his was not to impact on the growth of the town. Technology, distribution and more employment especially in the light industries are some of the benefits realized by the Warrington people as a result of the town growth.

Security and bombing

Warrington has a bit of history regarding conflicts. It was in 1993 when 2 bombs were planted at the town center by the army of Ireland republic. The blast resulted in the death of 2 kids while over 56 individuals accrued injuries. The army was heavily criticized considering that before the blast was yet another bomb attack on a gas store in the same town. Tim Parry was forced to invent a foundation in the name of peace specifically in the attempt to bring together the communities that were in conflict.

Warrington is home to many other histories that can’t be covered in my one page article. Currently, the town continue to write history with its many resources and residents. Learn more about Warrington.

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