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What does a damp proofing company do?

Your home is the place supposed to give you utmost comfort. Your home is not delivering its role if you are not happy when living inside it. Damp is one of the common reasons of discomfort. Wait until your home gets dumpy and you will see the sense of it. You don’t have to wait for it to get dumpy though. Don’t be a lunatic. It’s better if you find ways to prevent it in the first place. Damp proofing companies are the experts who help with damp removal and prevention services. They can handle all issues pertaining to damp. They understand better of the causes, and the effects that arise with damp inside your home. Damp can trigger growth of molds and cause bad odors. So, what exactly does a damp proof company has to offer? Here are some services you can expect from them.

  1. Rising damp

The keyword is rising. Water is known to flow downwards by gravity. However, capillarity is also a proven scientific phenomenon. With the walls of your house acting as a sponge, they will absorb water from below them and force the water upwards to the walls. The walls are made of stone which may have small pores that allow water up. The end result is wear on your wall plaster, wall decoration (paint for example), furniture or your structural timber. All these are unhealthy. An expert damp proof company will treat such kind of a damp by installing damp proof courses below every walls when your house is being built initially.

  1. Penetrating damp

The keyword of focus is penetrating. You have your home enclosed by walls and sealed openings. Naturally, these are supposed to keep of moisture and water penetration. However, there can be certain weaknesses that lead to the penetration of moisture via the wall to the internal sides causing growth of molds, stains, bad odors and the like. Cracks and other weaknesses can lead to penetrating damp. Yet another problem that damp proofing companies can kill for you.

  1. Condensation Treatments

It’s the leading cause of damp as it comes from the internal home environment. You use water inside the building and most importantly, hot water. This escapes into vapor that later condenses on cold surfaces such as water pipes and window panes. When this happens, the same effects of damp follows suit.

  1. Structural damp

The core of your house is the structural part of it. Talk of the columns, beams and even walls. If these are compromised by moisture in them, they weaken putting the entire house at a risk. This happens for both concrete and timber structural frameworks. A professional damp proof company will treat the moisture out leaving your house as strong as initially.

There is much more that a damp proof company like Manchester Damp Proofing can do. These include flooding treatment and mending plumbing leaks. But how much does damp proofing cost?