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Gulliver’s world in Warrington

Opened in 1989, this park goes to record as the giant adventure for little people. This is a world created for the kids and their families. One of the considerations people make before taking a tour to any destination is the convenience of the venue for all the adults and the kids. In most cases, the kids tend to be left out. But not in Gulliver’s world located in Warrington. It is a destination for families especially those with young ones. Children aged between 2 years and 13 years of age are welcome for a spectrum of fun activities and games. There are attractions, shows and most importantly, rides. Some of these include moon buggies, tomb rider, apache falls, jeep safari, dodgems, the antelope, maize of cards, veteran cars and many others.

The park is open on selected periods during the course of the year. It also have some branches at Milton Keynes and Matlock Bath.

A special place

If you want to make a difference this holiday. Visiting the Gulliver’s world Warrington is the option you need to take. All you need is to make a booking to be allowed in. for a better deal, book early enough. If you book 2 days in advance, you receive discounts. There are plenty of play options. Accommodation is also not a problem with Gulliver hotel in the park. There are magical family suites inside there. Visiting this world park is convenient for all including those coming with their rides. There is free parking available always. There are also splash zones and NERF zones that are exiting and available regardless of the weather conditions.

Jurassic adventure is another that stands out for the park. There is a dinosaur farm open during the summer for the best of fun for the kids. There are also new additions into the park including pirate cabins where kids can play pirates roles.

Accessibility is checked

The design of the Gulliver’s is considerate of all persons. Whether it’s the kids, youth, adults or disabled all can maneuver easily at the park. All areas have been designed in such a way that even the disabled in wheelchairs can access comfortably. These include the paths and toilets. You can decide whether to arrive at the park on your own, as a family or as a group. All are acceptable. You have plenty of options to get to the park. You can use car, train or bike.


No venue is the best without food involved. Especially where the kids are mentioned, they will always require snacks and other sweeties to keep them happy. There is an onsite restaurant and other kiosks to check your stomach and those of the kids.

For something a little more chilled out why not take a look at the Warrington Museum & Art Gallery.

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