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What are the best treatments for condensation?

Condensation tends to be invisible to many homeowners. They usually blame penetrating damp or ceiling leaks for stains caused by condensation. Many people will hire experts and assign the job as roof leaks without knowing that it’s the internal condensation causing all the trouble. The outcome is that rather than the stains curing, they get worse with some molds joining the party. Condensation is just the process you know; steam changing to liquid. Inside the house, there is so much heating that people do, whether it’s cooking, hot showers and the like. The vapor then condenses on the colder parts of the building which can be anywhere; the ceiling, the walls, the iron pipes leaking to corrosion or what have you. But what we want to know is that ‘are there any cures for this dampness?’

  1. Home heating

Sounds simple. It however can help a great deal. First condensed water is in form of droplets. You need the droplets to change into something workable which is vapor again. Take caution not to overheat your home, it might create more vapor which will then condense. The good part about heating is that it makes droplets evaporate into the air and gets blown away by a proper ventilation system.

  1. Adopt ventilation techniques

People worry about the security of the house when the windows are open. Am not telling you to take risks by opening your windows when it’s not safe. But, consider it as a treatment to condensation problem. Maybe you should have them open when you are around. If your windows are closed, the vapor will build up inside your house and will find its way of condensing in areas you could not even imagine. Alternatively, you can use a dehumidifier to control the amount of moisture in your air.

  1. Use dry washers with caution

You know what these machines do. They squeeze the water out of your clothes making it into vapor. If you are using the dry washer inside the house, then all the water from the clothes washed lingers within. Condensation will be at a higher rate leading to growth of molds as well. Use the drier responsibly either outside or with a pipe connecting to the outside.

  1. Purchase a dehumidifier

This is a special gadget that saves you the agony of the invisible condensation damp. This gadget comes hassle free. You don’t have to stress yourself opening windows. I know you fear losing the heat to the outside. Dehumidifier swallows the unwanted moisture from the dry washer, kitchen, shower and what have you leaving it normal full time.

There is so much more you can do to treat condensation. That includes closing cooking food with lids to prevent vapor from continuously escaping to colder parts of the house.

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