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What are the best treatments for penetrating damp?

It’s where moisture seems not to be around the lower skirting range but all over the wall. It only suggests that water is trying to percolate through the walls into the internal environment. First, learning about the causes is the starting point. Two scenarios are to blame. These are;

  • Wind rain – it usually more destructive to the houses built along the sea. The houses will act as the barrier blocking the moisture loaded winds from the sea. Rain coming down in a slant manner so that it reaches out to the external wall surfaces also falls under this category. It’s a condition of the wet weather that leaves the walls damp. The dampness then tries to find their way into the house through the walls or roofs.
  • Plumbing or building issues–it is where the systems used to transport water within the building get blocked allowing more time for water to find passage elsewhere; and that is via the walls. Blocked drainpipes or gutters fall under this category.

Visible signs

To confirm that indeed you have penetrating damp problem, watch out for the signs. Watermarks is one of the signals. The watermark will become more visible during bad weather seasons. Saturation is also another sign to look for within your walls. If you have a new building, you are safer than one living in an old house. Old houses may have cracks and cavity walls that create enough room for water to pass through. After you make your confirmation, you get down to treatment.

Treatment techniques

You may not require expert treatment here. The simple things you failed to do will treat the situation if you do them now. That includes un-obstructing the gutters that were clogged. Rather than the water being held in one place and being given time to find its way into the walls, it flows naturally to the appropriate drainage system. Same case should apply to the downpipes. If these are worn out to the extreme, consider replacing them.

The cavity walls are a problem. Fixing them should be your next objective. Any gaps that are letting water in needs to be sealed. Sealing should also continue even around the window frames.

Window sills have a great role to play to ensure that water drops via the grove and not drain into the walls. If the grove is not working as it should probably because of blockage, get rid of the mud underneath.

Fixing the felt flat roof defects will also contribute a great deal to fighting penetrating damp. That you can do yourself or hire an expert.

You don’t need rocket science to fix penetrating damp problem. Learn the basics and stay ready with preventative precautions.

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