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grappenhall heys walled garden in warringtonGrappenhall Heys Walled Garden in Warrington

It first started as a residence for a man called Thomas Parr. This was early in 1830. It was a long track of land with a residence and a pleasure garden constructed formally. The garden was walled all round and had a parkland. The garden did yield plenty of vegetables, flowers and fruits. Glasshouses were developed at the garden to assist in the production of these yields round the year. As time passed by, the garden started attracting wildlife, ponds were developed and herbaceous borders were established. The garden survived for decades.

The downfall of Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden in Warrington

After decades of success, the garden later experienced its worst period. The family only lived on the garden for slightly over 30 years and later relocated. The garden was neglected and left for dead. The glass houses, the beautiful gardens, the yields all were affected negatively. The home was even demolished as parts of the garden were sold off specifically for development purposes.

The new Grappenhall Garden

After a lengthy period of suffering, the Grappenhall garden was ready for a fresh start. It was the effort of various third parties that revived the garden including the Warrington organic, wildlife gardening society and English premiership. Other volunteers were also involved. Thanks to them, the glory of the garden is now restored. The glass houses were rebuilt with the funds from a local lottery. The houses were then converted to serve the purpose of event venues for people touring the garden. They can hold education activities, exhibitions and other family events. However, not all is done. The garden though now modern still has a long way to go. That’s why people are invited to volunteer and participate in building activities to make the garden a better attraction in the future.

What it’s made of

Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden in Warrington is not an ordinary garden. There are two separate regions within the garden namely the kitchen garden and the pleasure garden. All these have layouts that form attraction sites for visitors. Thanks to the volunteers, the gardens are well maintained with the vegetables and fruits being nurtured. The venue includes local wildlife, school programs, toilets, refreshments on Sundays, baby changing facilities and many other facilities.

The future of Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden

Thelwall parish council is the current owner of the garden. The council did sort funding options for the garden survival. As we talk, the future seems to be certain for the garden with much more expected in the future. When the council took over, it had a plan to make the garden a better place. Indeed, most of the goals set have been achieved. More is expected to be done to make the garden a resource for the local community and Warrington in general.

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